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Light capture

Light and streamlined blades or perforated musharabieh panels with the most complex shapes are completely modern features, which have a great influence on the overall perception of the buildings they protect.

Whatever the shape or symbolic design required by the architects, Betsinor Composites closely follows their intent!

Linking the “shell” of the building with natural elements such as light, the sun, the wind… the blades and the facade cladding are fixed to the structure in the shape of canopies, sails, curtains, lattice-work, meeting construction requirements in all parts of the world…

Refraction and reflection angles, lattice work, interstices… the blade installations rigorously designed by Betsinor’s engineering office meet their technical and climatic purposes: to catch light, protect from the sun, regulate the heat and harmonise the overall aesthetics and the materials used.

Examples in sunshade, in perforated panels