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Heat regulation

Betsinor Composites endeavours to offer the best possible solutions to solve heat regulation problems. Thus, in the most extreme environments, the indoor comfort of the building is not adversely affected. The exclusive cladding is like a second skin and provides a heat barrier in all cold and warm climates.

The new heat regulation RT 2012 of the French Grenelle environment programme provides that all public buildings and equipment are to be built as from the end of 2010 with a low energy consumption design (50 KW/h/m2) or are to be designed to include passive or positive energy. In this regard, Betsinor Composites can help you find the solutions that will improve the energy qualities of the frame of your building.

In France, the building and construction sector accounts for 40% of total energy consumption and 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. This is one of the keys to dividing by four emissions of this type of gas by the year 2050.