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Production resources

Your tool to realize your mineral flexibility

In order to provide for the high level of quality demanded by our construction partners, Betsinor has developed special production methods:

Bestsinor has developed a fully automatic mixing station, unique in Europe, which meets the highest standards of homogeneity and consistency. This completely automated production management process guarantees the quality, traceability and reliability of Betsinor products.


A factory designed to produce large custom-made composites

The flexible infrastructure of our factory allows the production of all element types, from parapet cladding to wall veneer panels, up to an area of 18 m².


Storage and transport

After the fibreglass reinforced concrete elements have been removed from their moulds, they are stored in the Betsinor plant, where they undergo a specific bonding cure.

After this curing process, the fibreglass reinforced concrete elements are packed and paletted for shipping, according to their shape as well as the transport method (road, boats, containers). They are then transported by trucks provided with air suspension systems for a safe and smooth ride. The vehicles can also be selected with unloading equipment.


Installing the finished products

The finished products leave the Betsinor factory as complete end-products; including their attachment systems. These correspond so exactly to the requirements of the construction project that a simplified installation is guaranteed.

Betsinor Composites also has an installation department, and can therefore offer either technical installation assistance or provide the complete installation service on site in accordance with technical and planning requirements.