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On-site use

Whatever the technique used, it calls for the mobilisation of great human know-how.


- Spray-up

Used with GRC, it makes it possible to design the most original shapes and to produce large façade panels (up to 18 sq. m.)

- Vibration pouring

This can be used with GRC and Ductal, the vibration pouring provides technical and aesthetic solutions for creating perforated or textured panels.


- The MATIV® injection process

This is a pouring process, under vacuum conditions, for the GRC as for the DUCTAL. It increases significantly the mechanical data such as witnessed by the technical valuations done by the CSTB.

This process reduces the porosity of the material. All the faces of the produced element have the same finished qualities. This helps with the creativity of the Architects. This technique is perfectly adapted to the items which are visible whatever the shape may be