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Betsinor Composites, a major producer of architectural components made of fibrous cemented matrixes, has established its reputation for producing two high-performance fibrous cement matrixes:


Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is the result of a specific mix of silica, white cement and water, to which are added polymers and components that meet specific requirements. These factory-designed and prefabricated parts are turned into moulded parts in the workshop before being installed on site.

This cement matrix, which is malleable during the moulding, is suitable for the creation of any buildings, whether they are contemporary or classical, for both outdoor and indoor uses.

GRC Valbonne GRC Collège Joliette GRC Maison Genève GRC maison Courrières



- Ductal

Ductal® is ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) developed by Lafarge. It is made up of a fibrous cement matrix that makes it highly resistant, ductile (i.e. it can extend without breaking), long-lasting and aesthetic. Thus, its compression strength is from six to eight times greater than that of traditional concrete.

Its durability and resistance to aggressive media (corrosion, abrasion, freezing-unfreezing cycles, acidity, etc.) confirm its adaptability to extreme conditions of operation.

The aesthetic qualities (surface aspect, colouring, texture) of Ductal® give architects, designers and industrialists total freedom to use the most creative shapes and appearances.

The technical performance of Betsinor Composites allows its customers to give free rein to all their ambitions, with remarkable aesthetic finish and in full compliance with the standards set in the CSTB’s GIREC V and UHPC (Ultra High Performance fibrous Concrete) technical advice notes.

Finally, the mechanical performance of Ductal®, with its durability, aesthetic qualities and very high compactness, helps to reduce the impact of a building on the environment during the whole life of the building (thanks to a lighter structure and the use of prefabricated components).

Ductal Clichy Ductal Thiais Ductal Rive-Gauche