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Bus depot – Thiais

Bus depot – Thiais
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Owner : RATP / SEDP
Location : Thiais (94)
Architect : Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec
Completion date : 2007

Prefabrication and installation of a "Ductal® shell" for a bus depot covering an area of 2,215 sq. m.

The Ductal® panels are used for cladding the inside and outside of the building. This "skin", which is 3 cm thick and covered with a spotted pattern, and 22 mm deep, is manufactured in large blocks made of one piece.

The  parts with a double inverted curvature have required meticulous studies for modelling its geometry: the layout of the points required by the architects had to be evenly spread out in spite of the distortions of the layout grid created by the curves and counter-curves.

Thus, the ultra high-performing fibrous concrete (UHPC) designed in close cooperation with Lafarge makes true continuity possible between the building and its base.