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Betsinor Composites is the leader on the French Market for the manufacturing of architectural products from cement matrixes and offers its know-how for your most difficult and ultimate projects.

Each building requires the design of an original outside envelope, with specific characteristics:
heat regulation, luminosity regulation and light capture, innovative solutions for acoustic treatment, adapting to seismic risks, facade refurbishing, etc.

Discover all the technical solutions that Betsinor Composites can provide in order to render the originality and creativity of your project!

Do not hesitate to contact us to share your facade problems with us. We will introduce you to our high-performing fibrous cement matrix manufacturing process: GRC and Ductal. We will also present our vacuum injection process: MATIV. Betsinor Composites invites you to discover its references and achievements in areas such as:3D facades, large panels and specific texture; perforated panels and sunshades; and in acoustic treatment.

The Betsinor Composites company is part of the Rabot Dutilleul Group.

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